Monica Dibildox talks the LSU Women’s Golf season being cut short

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In hour two of After Further Review, Matt is joined by senior LSU golfer Monica Dibildox to talk how the coronavirus has affected her and her teammates. What was the feeling when their season was canceled?

“Honestly, it was something 100 percent unexpected for us and disappointing as well,” Dibildox said. “We had a team meeting. The coaches talked to us about health being more important than golf at the moment.”

Does golf count as a spring or winter sport?

“That was our question. It was my first question to my coach at the meeting,” Dibildox said. “What are we? We play both seasons. Winter and Spring.”

The NCAA is deciding whether or not to grant an extra year of eligibility to athletes who’s season’s where affected. Would Dibildox want to comeback for an extra year if offered?

“At this point of my life, we are touching into a deeper part of my life because as an international student you have to take into account visa,” Dibildox said. “Right now I would love to be a part of LSU for an extra year. I haven’t decided yet, and won’t until we hear from Commissioner Greg Sankey.”

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