OTB 7-17-2020 Hour 1 | The NCAA speaks on CFB

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Jordy is at the beach, so T-Bob hosts the show solo on this Friday. We still begin with the biggest headlines heading into the weekend. Zion Williamson has officially left the NBA bubble for a family issue. The Washington NFL team is caught up in a horrific sexual harassment in the workplace scandal. The NCAA releases guidelines for football season. Major League Baseball is using fake crowd noise.

T-Bob looks at the NCAAs role in the return to college sports, now that they have finally spoken out. What role do they actually have in college sports in general these days?

The LSU Sports Radio Network’s Hunt Palmer stops by to give his review of Goodfellas. Overall, Hunt enjoyed the movie, and compares it to Casino. We also get Hunt’s take on the state of college football amid COVID. How does he see the schedules playing out for teams in the Power 5?

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