OTB Hour 1 | 72 Hours from the National Championship

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Jordy and T-Bob gave you the most important headlines, including the hiring of Mike Leach to Mississippi State.

Hunt Palmer of the LSU Sports Radio Network joined the show to talk the National Championship and how exciting the season has been.

“I’ve done a pretty good job of not taking any of this for granted,” Palmer said.

How much of an impact will Michael Divinity’s return make for the Tigers?

“He could make a play or two,” Palmer said. “Something tells me Clemson is going to have to throw the ball quite a bit to keep up…I’d rather have him than not.”

What about LSU’s injuries?

“I think (Terrace Marshall) will be ok, it was a pain tolerance thing,” Palmer said. “If (Damien Lewis) can’t play, they have some other guys.”

Hunt also gave an update on LSU Basketball SEC play as they head into a match-up with Mississippi State.

Ben Mintz joined Jordy and T-Bob to give his weekend money-making picks for the NFL and the National Championship. Who is he taking between LSU and Clemson?

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