OTB Hour 1 | Biggest takeaways from The Scheme

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Jordy and T-Bob talked about the top headlines for the day, including the cancellation of the SEC Spring meetings in Destin.

Next, they broke down the premier of the HBO documentary ‘The Sceme,’ which featured LSU Head Basketball Coach Will Wade. The main takeaway was that Coach Wade got a little bit of street credit. There was no new information offered from the documentary and the FBI ended up looking like the bad guy.

“I’m more offended that the federal government entrapped Christian Dawkins in this whole thing,” Jordy said. “I feel the worst for these assistant coaches that got caught up in this.”

Former Heisman winner Herschel Walker joined Jordy and T-Bob about what his quarantine looks like.

“It has intensified a little bit, I’m now probably in football shape,” Walker said of his daily work out.

Finally, they gave some shoutouts to health care professionals on the front lines of this coronavirus pandemic.

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