OTB Hour 1 | Burrow on the Road to New York

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Kicking off Friday’s show, Headlines looks back at the Tigers’ sweep of the College Football Awards, Vaughan Johnson’s passing, Thursday Night Football’s action, and more.

Next, T-Bob looks at how difficult it is to win as many awards as they have so far. He says that he does not have the ability to articulate how incredible the season has been. Also, he looks at Drew Brees’ opinion of Joe Burrow and previews tomorrow night’s Heisman Trophy ceremony.

Hunt Palmer joins OTB to talk Tiger football and basketball, starting with Joe Burrow’s award wins.

“I think the general consensus was the Maxwell or O’Brien would go to someone else,” Palmer said, “but I guess it was too good to ignore.”

Palmer said that these wins make a huge difference in recruiting.

“You look back at the out-of-state defensive backs,” Palmer said, “they can go anywhere they want because of the stuff that goes on in that awards room.”

Closing out the hour, T-Bob and Rivers highlight a TikTok and talk about the new social media platform.

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