OTB Hour 1 | Is Drew Brees here to stay?

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Jordy and T-Bob talk about the top headlines of the day, including a preview for LSU baseball’s opening weekend.

Earlier this week, Taysom Hill spoke with the AP about the possibility of Drew Brees returning to the New Orleans Saints and what it means for him. He thinks he could be a franchise quarterback and is not sure if New Orleans is the place he’ll end up.

Digital Media Reporter Cody Worsham joined Jordy and T-Bob to discuss LSU Basketball.

Charles Manning Jr. may be available this weekend for the Tigers. What will he bring to the game?

“A pair of healthy legs and some rest,” Manning said. “He can guard and he can defend.”

What is LSU going to do to control the perimeter?

“This isn’t really an LSU team that defensively gets killed in rotation,” Worsham said. “Take away the middle of the floor…if you can do that…you can minimize the damage.”

Finally, they talk about Michael Thomas’ new Jordan shoes.

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