OTB Hour 1 | LSU-Bama Hype Approaching Peak

Weekdays 7AM - 9AM

Kicking off the last show before Bama, Headlines takes a look at LSU’s and the Saints’ injury reports, a look ahead to the Pelicans’ upcoming game, and more.

Hunt Palmer joins the crew in-studio to help preview LSU-Bama and give his predictions for the game. Jordy gives some insight as to what the Bama defense may bring against the Tigers, and T-Bob highlights the differences and similarities in the defense.

The crew then looks at the stakes of this game and how it impacts LSU, not only in this season, but as a program moving forward.

Coach John Thompson joins Off the Bench to talk football, starting with his introduction to current LSU head coach Ed “Bebe” Orgeron.

“We tried to hire Bebe at Northwestern,” Thompson said, “but it was just a little too close to his college days.”

Thompson also talked about his time with T-Bob’s father, the “Cajun Cannon” Bobby Hebert.

“He got those guys lined up,” Thompson said. “The offensive linemen and everybody responded to him.”

Closing out the hour, Jordy and T-Bob shout out listener Adam Hall who is listening to OTB on his 20-mile pre-work run. They then talk marathons and how taxing it is on the body.

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