OTB Hour 1 | LSU Basketball gets ready for the SEC Tournament

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Jordy and T-Bob presented the top headlines of the weekend, including a lot of LSU wins and T-Bob returning to the US without the Coronavirus.

There were just under 12,000 people in attendance for LSU basketball’s win over Georgia in the Maravich Center on Saturday. It was senior day and it’s safe to say those seniors left a mark during their last regular season showing.

LSU baseball had a nice confidence boosting weekend as they swept UMass Lowell and finally saw some action from their bats. How will they look against Ole Miss this weekend? Ole Miss is leading the conference in a lot of areas LSU is struggling.

LSU Digital Media Reporter Cody Worsham joined Jordy and T-Bob to talk LSU basketball.

Marlon Taylor’s game has finally come together and he was finally able to explode in a way that everyone knew he could against Georgia.

“He was really raw coming in, he didn’t start playing basketball until his junio year in high school,” Worsham said. “This year’s been tough for him, he’s had to battle a lot of injuries.”

Finally, Jordy and T-Bob discussed which players could return for LSU basketball next year.

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