OTB Hour 1 | LSU Basketball loses to Florida

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Jordy and T-Bob gave you the hottest headlines of the day, including a midweek win for LSU Baseball and, sadly, a midweek loss for LSU Basketball.

LSU Basketball fell to the Gators in an 81-66. Florida led from the outset, jumping out to a 14-2 lead and the Tigers were unable to keep pace on the evening in the first game in five meetings that wasn’t decided at the end or went to overtime. The question is: where did the juice from earlier in the season go?

Kat Terrell of The Athletic joined Jordy and T-Bob from Indianapolis to talk about the NFL combine. The main topic is obviously hand size.

“I think we have exhausted that topic, now we have moved on to how big our own hands are,” Terrell said. “Apparently it’s something to do with the webbing between your fingers.”

Outside of Joe Burrow’s tiny hands what are the other big stories to come out of the combine, so far?

“There aren’t that many yet, yesterday the offensive linemen met yesterday,” Terrell said. “Everyone knows offensive linemen are boring.”

Finally, T-Bob talked about going to see a Jay and Silent Bob reunion show last night.

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