OTB Hour 1 | LSU Football is only one of four programs to go 15-0

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Jordy and T-Bob present the daily headlines, including Alex Cora of the Red Sox being fired and an LSU Basketball win.

Early this week, LSU captured their fourth National Championship. The 15-0 season is more impressive than T-Bob and Jordy initially thought, with only three other teams doing it.

Jordy and T-Bob also talked about Passing Game Coordinator Joe Brady heading to the NFL with the Carolina Panthers.

Monday Night Football’s Booger McFarland joined Jordy and T-Bob to recap LSU’s National Championship, including his time as the guest captain.

“Monday night was fantastic,” Booger said. “I did feel some kind of way, I’m on the field, and the Tigers win and everyone is celebrating.”

Was Booger surpised that LSU won so handily?

“No one was surprised LSU scored 42 points,” Booger said. “I think the biggest surprise, other than a couple of drives…LSU’s defense balled out all night.”

Finally, will Zion Williamson make his rookie debut for the Pelicans on Thursday?

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