OTB Hour 1 | Malcolm Jenkins is coming back to New Orleans

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Jordy and T-Bob talked about the top headlines of the day, which mainly consisted of how COVID-19 is continuing to affect the sports world.

Next, Jordy and T-Bob talked about veteran quarterback Chase Daniel agreeing to a three-year, $13.05 million agreement with the Detroit Lions just ahead of the start of free agency. If he plays out that contract, his career earnings in the NFL will reach $47.36 million.

Also, the New Orleans Saints bring Malcolm Jenkins back, meaning that Vonn Bell is likely gone.

LSU Executive Chef Michael Johnson joined Jordy and T-Bob to talk about the adjustments he’s making for his food supply and students with COVID-19.

“Some of it we have donated, but some of it has gone to waste,” Johnson said. “We stay well informed, we didn’t do too bad with it.”

How have their sanitary habits changed, if at all?

“We were already performing at a pretty high level, the adjustment level wasn’t too bad,” Johnson said. “We’re a professional bunch and we understand the need to protect everyone.”

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