OTB Hour 1 | Small hands are the new big hands

Weekdays 7AM - 10AM

Jordy and T-Bob give you the top Mardi Gras headlines, including Tommie Robinson leaving LSU and the LSU basketball team getting ready for Florida.

It turns out, small hands are the new big hands. Joe Burrow’s hands are measuring in at 9 inches and it is all the media can talk about. Who else has 9 inch hands? Patrick Mahomes and T-Bob Hebert.

It is being reported that LSU running backs coach Tommie Robinson is leaving the staff for the same job at Texas A&M under Jimbo Fisher. He will be replaced at the running back position by former LSU star Kevin Faulk.

Dick Vitale joined Jordy and T-Bob to talk college basketball, including Chris Jackson, whose number will be retired this weekend at LSU. He also talked about how incredulous it is that LSU has not named their court after Dale Brown.

“Come on you people, why,” Vitale said.

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