OTB Hour 1 | The Rams traded Brandin Cooks to the Texans

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Jordy and T-Bob gave you some Good Friday headlines, including the fact that some NFL Draft news.

Next, they discussed Joe Burrow’s appearance on Shaquille O’Neal’s podcast The Big Podcast where he discussed how important winning is to him.

The Los Angeles Rams traded Brandin Cooks to the Texans for a second round pick and it’s looking very reactive.

“This trade is an admission of failure from the Los Angeles Rams.  It’s a flailing response to failure for the Texans,” wrote ESPN’s Bill Barnwell.

Hunt Palmer of the LSU Sports Radio Network joined Jordy and T-Bob to review Dazed and Confused. He was never fully captivated or full of suspense, but it definitely made him smile.

Last, they talked about UFC fights getting canceled.

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