OTB Hour 1 | The SEC is dominating bowl season

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Jordy and T-Bob kick off hour one by presented the latest headlines, including Michael Divinity’s reinstatement to the LSU football team and the passing of passing of David Stern.

Next, they gave a recap of CFB Bowl Season, so far. The SEC is absolutely dominating with their only losses being Texas A&M and Mississippi State, while the Big 12 is leaving much to be desired.

The Saints are headed to the playoffs, taking on the Vikings this Sunday. Based on their projected injuriy report, their offense will be incredibly healthy entering the game. The big question will be: can the Saints protect Drew Brees?

Hunt Palmer of the LSU Sports Radio Network joined the show to preview the National Championship with LSU vs Clemson.

“I feel great about (LSU),” Palmer said. “It’s not going to be a home field advantage and Clemson’s really good.”

How does Hunt feel about LSU’s defensive improvement?

“LSU’s defense is playing as well as it’s played all year, but there’s still big plays to be made down the field againts LSU,” Palmer said.

Finally, T-Bob is taking the Papa pizza challenge.

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