OTB Hour 2 | Best trash talking athletes

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Jordy and T-Bob discussed the NFL’s proposed collective bargaining agreement. It doesn’t seem like the players are going to agree to the deal.

Next, they talk about the alpha of alphas: trash talking NBA players. Larry Bird and Michael Jordan are the top two that come to mind.

Cole Cubelic joined Jordy and T-Bob to talk about XFL and top trash talking athletes.

“He changed the game for everyone, how we consume sports,” Cubelic said of Micheal Jordan. “Oh by the way, he’s the greatest athlete to ever live.”

T-Bob’s Battlehawks will finally be at home and Cole is excited to call the game.

“People in St. Louis love football, want football, and there’s a part of that fanbase that has a chip on their shoulder,” Cubelic said.

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