OTB Hour 2 | Don’t get worried about LSU baseball quite yet

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Our special OTB XFL correspondent Cole Cubelic joined Jordy to talk about LSU hiring Kevin Faulk to take care of the RBs, a weekend of XFL, and college football recruiting.

Chad Durbin joined Jordy Culotta talked about LSU baseball’s sketchy offense, so far.

“I still like the approach,” Durbin said. “I think the offense is going to be great, the arms are going to lead this team to where they end up going.”

Hall of Famer Marcus Allen joined Jordy Culotta to talk about speaking to the LSU football team and their season.

“It’s hard to describe how incredible I think that it was,” Allen said.

After watching Joe Burrow’s incredible season, Allen talked about how hard it can be to compare athletes but that Burrow reminded him of Joe Montana.

“He reminds me of Joe Montana in the sense that when he goes into the locker room, he’s just another guy. (Montana) treated everybody, whether you were a fourth stringer, he treated everyone alike, and that’s the sense I got from being around (Burrow).”

Finally, they talked about the disappointment of the Nik Wallenda volcano walk.

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