OTB Hour 2 | How Far is Tattoo Far?

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Kicking off Hour 2, Jimmy Burrow joined the crew to talk LSU-Florida. Firstly, he said that although the defense is stout, the offense is not to be overlooked.

“I don’t think you can underestimate their offense at this point,” Burrow said. “They still have great athletes on both sides of the ball.”

Burrow believes that LSU has the tools to battle the pass rush that will be headed for his son come Saturday.

“(Thinking about the pass rush is) scary at times, but I know Joe and the coaches have a lot of faith in our offensive line,” Burrow said. “The whole offense is designed to get the ball out quicker. Anything they show our offense, we have ways to battle that and to work against it.”

OTB Mailbag comes next, including questions on College Gameday guest picker ideas, celebrity crushes, and much more.

Stephen Sullivan’s bizarre appearance on How Far is Tattoo Far is profiled, and the crew is left speechless.

Closing out the hour, Jordy and T-Bob recap the Pelicans’ first preseason game, and they profile the bright future of the squad.

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