OTB Hour 2 | How many 1st rounders for LSU?

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In hour two of Off the Bench, Jordy and T-Bob lead you off with their Weekend Winners.

Baylor Women’s Basketball coach Kim Mulkey joins Jordy and T-Bob to talk her induction into the Naismaith Basketball Hall of Fame. Mulkey takes us through the early beginnings of her career at Louisiana Tech.

“My heart told me you gotta get out of there because that’s not right,” Mulkey said. “When I got to Baylor I was scared to death every night.”

Coach Mulkey talks her message to this year’s team, who was in route to a second straight national championship.

“My message hasn’t been delivered to them yet. Certainly not in person,” Mulkey said. “What I do now is I call them and I text them.”

The guys talk LSU’s prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft in segment three. How many first rounders will the Tigers have?

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