OTB Hour 2 | Is Joe Brady a traitor?

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Impressionist extrarodinaire Joey Mulinaro joined Jordy and T-Bob to do what he does best: impressions.

Andrew Luck gave Joe Burrow a bit of advice being the number one pick overall. Colin Cowherd also joined to elaborate on his Joe Burrow take.

The OTB crew played Would You Rather.

LSU Baseball Recruiting Coordinator Nolan Cain joined Jordy and T-Bob to discuss how much of an impact the young guys are making for LSU.

“Seeing them play over the years and recruiting them…you know they can go out there and be a big piece for this team,” Cain said.

How impressed has Cain been with the 16 arms they’ve pitched this season?

“I think there are a lot of different type of pieces in there,” Cain said. “I think the guys are buying into their roles.”

Finally, they discuss whether Joe Brady is a traitor for speaking at the Alabama coaches clinic.

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