OTB Hour 2 | LSU vs Eastern Kentucky recap

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T-Bob, Rivers, and Palmer gave you their weekends, including balling grandma, Johnny Manziel, and Irish  travelers.

Next, they discussed the Southdowns and Spanish Town parades in Baton Rouge. Estelle and Alice made it out alive and well, even though Alice broke her “getting hit in the face with beads” seal.

Doug Thompson of the LSU Sports Radio Network joined T-Bob to talk about LSU baseball taking 2 of the 3 against Eastern Kentucky.

“It was like watching the effect that kryptonite has on Superman,” Thompson said.

What does Thompson think about how LSU is approaching the plate?

“At the end of the day, there are a lot of new faces on this roster,” Thompson said. “Coach Mainieri is having to see who can play and who can’t…and that’s part of the inconsistency.”

Finally, T-Bob closed out the hour getting you ready for Pelicans vs Lakers this week.

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