OTB Hour 2 | Shelvin Looks to Continue Dominant Play

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Kicking off Hour 2, ESPN’s Booger McFarland joins OTB to talk LSU-Florida and NFL action, starting with the hype leading up to Saturday’s tilt.

“It’s a different feel on campus, in the classroom,” McFarland said. “(Fans) want to really see if LSU is for real. It will be the first time that (LSU)… is matched up with athletes who can match their athleticism man-to-man.”

McFarland shared his thoughts on Tyler Shelvin and where he can end up in the history of LSU football’s great defensive talents.

“I think he can be a really good player,” McFarland said. “Dominant players play consistently, and they dominate over the course of the game. He’s got a lot of talent; everybody’s always known that. His ability to play consistently… will determine where he goes down in the history (of great LSU defensive players).”

Next, Would You Rather talks about wild scenarios that the gang could see themselves in and which path they choose.

The Athletic’s Brody Miller joins the crew to look ahead to LSU’s big game against Florida on Saturday, starting with Florida’s defensive scheme.

“I think, in past years, Todd Grantham is known for sending the house,” Miller said. “He’s not doing that this year. There’s so much talent on this Florida front that… (they’re only sending) 3 or 4 guys.”

In the end, though, Miller sees LSU pulling through with offensive prowess.

“I still think LSU can get its 34-35 points on them,” Miller said. “I think I give LSU the advantage on the (offensive) line.”

Rounding out the hour, Nathan’s Spooky Season Scary Movie Extravaganza takes a look at Silence of the Lambs and Alien.

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