Peter King on how much longer he thinks Drew Brees will play

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NBC Sports’ Peter King joined Jordy and T-Bob to talk about how the coronavirus world is affecting the sports world.

Also, King discussed the DeAndre Hopkins situation and whether there is more to it.

“It seems as though he was not going to play with a significant increase in his contract,” King said.

What is the market for Cam Newton and Jameis Winston?

“I think the market for Cam Newton is very difficult, because you see that some teams are able to comfortably have their guys get physicals away from the facility,” King said.

What does King see from Drew Brees’ two-year contract with the Saints?

“My gut feeling is that he’s going to play one more year,” King said. “I think this is more of a two-year contract that’s going to end up being one-year with some cap hit in the second year.”

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