Rickie Weeks talks sign stealing, and his latest venture

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Former Southern and MLB infielder Rickie Weeks joins Matt and Ryan in hour two. The biggest story in baseball is the sign stealing scandal in the MLB with the Houston Astros. What would Weeks’ mindset be if he were preparing to face Houston this season?

“It’s still business as usual, but there’s a little something extra,” Weeks said. “For me I ‘m coming in with an attitude of I want to demoralize them, and in post-game media I’m going to speak my piece.”

Pitchers are coming out and openly claiming that they will purposefully throw at Astros’ hitters this season. Weeks gives his take on that situation.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Weeks said. “A lot of people talk like that until gametime comes.”

Weeks played 14 seasons in the MLB. What is he up to these days in retirement?

“I’m going back to school to finish my degree in sports management,” Weeks said. “I just got on the board for the Baton Rouge Area Foundation.”

Weeks also says he’s been hanging around the Southern Baseball program and helping out in any way he can.

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