Robert Munson talks coronavirus impact on SEC Sports

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In hour one of After Further Review, Matt is joined by LSU Senior Associate Athletic Director Robert Munson to talk the latest with the postponement of SEC Spring sports due to coronavirus. Munson speaks on the last 24 hours.

“It’s been a challenging 24 hours, but I tell you what there has been a lot of coordination up here,” Munson said. “One of the positives if you want to call it that is that everybody was here, and could work toward a solution.”

When did they find out that the SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament was canceled?

“We found out last night that the tournament itself was not going to occur with any fans in the stands,” Munson said. “Then as more information was available today, we found out that the tournament wouldn’t happen at all.”

Was the tournament being canceled a reaction to what has happened in other sports and conferences around the country?

“No I think certainly there is context to be considered. What you are looking at is a constant moving target,” Munson said.

Does Munson have any insight into if the NCAA Tournament will be canceled?

“I think there is a hope that it will,” Munson said. “The NCAA is looking into every knook and cranny of this. The players and coaches want it to happen. This is what they’ve been working for all year.”

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