Robert Munson talks the latest with the SEC and coronavirus

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In hour three of After Further Review, Matt and Ryan are joined by LSU Senior Assoiciate Athletic Director Robert Munson to talk the latest with the SEC suspending spring sports. Today the conference moved the suspension date from March 30th to April 15th. What went into that decision?

“There was some discussion this morning with some ADs in the conference. Then there was talk with other ADs from Power 5 leagues,” Munson said. “The reality of this situation is what we know today will likely change tomorrow. That was true yesterday and it’s true today.”

Does this mean that the door is still somewhat open for a return to play?

“I think the date gives us a date on the horizon to move towards,” Munson said. “There’s not a definitive decision on what happens after April 15th.”

The NCAA today announced that it is exploring the option of adding a year of eligibility to athletes affected by the cancelation of spring sports. Is this something that is going to happen?

“I think that remains to be seen. I can tell you a number of our coaches want to see consideration on this matter. A lot of our players want to see consideration on that matter,” Munson said.