Rohan Davey breaks down LSU’s 65-14 win over Northwestern State.

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Former LSU and NFL quarterback, Rohan Davey joins Matt in his weekly spot to recap LSU’s latest victory over Northwestern State. Matt asks if there is anything that can currently slow down LSU’s offense.

“Joe Burrow making bad decisions,” Davey said. “That’s about it at this point.”

The LSU offensive line is still looked upon as the group that needs the most work. Rohan says what he wants to see improvement is in communication and continuity.

The freshman running backs each scored their first touchdowns this past weekend. Most people have been itching to see them in the game. Davey says he thinks we will start to see more of them as the season goes along.

“I think it’s going to be a gameplan thing,” “I like how all those guys are becoming a bit more physical. You can tell they are picking up the new offense.”

Davey says although they are picking up the offense, it might not be as fast as the coaching staff would like. This is why Davey believes the staff is bringing them along slowly.

In this week’s chalk talk segment, Davey discusses Burrow’s dominance over the middle of the field. Against Northwestern State Burrow was 14-16 for 301 yards and 2 touchdowns. What is it that makes the Tigers’ quarterback so hard to defend over the middle?

“It’s the fact that Joe makes you defend everyone on the field,” Davey said. “He will check it down to the running back so the linebacker has to come up to take that away. This leaves the middle open with Jefferson and Marshall.”

LSU’s secondary is under the microscope now after a subpar outing in Austin and a tough first half vs. the Demons. How would Davey attack this group if he was playing quarterback against them?

“Right now in my opinion it’s a lack of communication in the secondary,” Davey said. “If I was playing our secondary right now, I would not line up and just run a play. I would formation them to death to try and get them to commmunicate what is going on.”

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