Rohan Davey previews LSU vs. Auburn

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Former LSU and NFL quarterback, Rohan Davey joins Matt in his weekly spot to talk LSU Football. The Tigers host Auburn this weekend for the second top 10 match up in Tiger Stadium in three weeks. Davey led LSU to a victory over Auburn in 2001 clinching LSU’s first trip to the SEC Championship game.

“That game always takes me back to the cigar game,” Davey said. “I never really realized they really did that until that year. It pissed me off.”

Matt and Davey remember the cigar game in 1999 and the field storming when LSU won in 2001. Matt got pepper sprayed stroming the field as a college student.

Auburn’s strength is their defense. Davey talks what he’s seen from the Tigers’ defense.

“I think their front is just as good as Florida’s if not better,” Davey said. “I think they have a better star in Derrick Brown. Their secondary is a senior led secondary. Those are the two differences I see in their defense and Florida.”

Derrick Brown is a game wrecker. How do you stop him?

“First off you have to atleast touch him. Whenever they bring him over the nose it’s going to be hell of a battle with him and Cush,” Davey said. “Honestly, I don’t think you stop him you have to contain him.”

Davey talks the importance of receiver, Terrace Marshall returning to the offense.

What is the difference Davey is seeing between LSU’s two young running backs? What has led to Davis-Price getting the bulk of the touches?

“I think the biggest thing is strength and one cut getting down field,” Davey said. “I’d throw in blitz pick up as well. That’s one thing young running backs struggle with.”

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