Rohan Davey recaps LSU’s National Championship Season

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Former LSU and NFL quarterback Rohan Davey joins Matt to recap the LSU Football season. The Tigers defeated Clemson 42-25 to claim the 2019 National Championship. Davey recaps the LSU win.

“Perfection. It went exactly how I thought it would go. We didn’t put up less than 40 all year,” Davey said. “Venables came out with some new stuff as we thought he might, but it only took two series of Joe and Joe and Steve to figure it out.”

Davey says he was surprised that Clemson didn’t changed defensive strategies when LSU started having success on offense.

“The thing that surprised me about Clemson was they never changed anything,” Davey said. “I guess they figured it would be enough to get a couple stops.”

Davey talks what he’s looking for going forward in the off season and into next year.

“Stop annointing Myles Brennan the starter for next year,” Davey said. “Create the competition. Make him earn the job.”

Matt makes Ro pay up on a lost bet.

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