Rohan Davey talks the benefits of the NFL Combine

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In hour two of After Further Review, Matt is joined by former LSU and NFL quarterback Rohan Davey. The 2020 NFL Scouting Combine is this week. Today we found out that Joe Burrow has a nine inch hand. Davey talks if hand size really matters for a quarterback.

“I guess that hand thing does come into play sometimes. If you have hold it with one hand and run,” Davey said. “I think hand size matters more for a receiver than a quarterback.”

So, if hand size isn’t really that important, what is beneficial at the combine?

“I think the interviews are really beneficial. You get to hear what’s out there about you,” Davey said. “If you’re a guy who is fast, and underrated and you go to the combine and work out well that could be beneficial.”

Johnny Manziel took to Twitter talking playing in the XFL, but also how he has no desire to play football anymore. What would Johnny Manziel in the XFL according to Davey?

“Well it’s an opportunity league. Honestly, man Johnny Manziel has had a lot of opportunities,” Davey said. “It seems like Johnny Manziel needs more than football. At this point for me with Johnny Manziel, it’s kind of like ‘okay.'”

Former LSU quarterback Zack Mettenberger is still looking to hang on to his football career. Davey weighs in on Mettenberger’s career.

“Football and especially the quarterback position is a transition,” Davey said. “There’s always new blood coming in. When the phone isn’t ringing like it used to, that means more and more people are coming in.”

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