Roman Harper Breaks Down Saints Football

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Former Saints safety Roman Harper starts off his weekly visit with comments on the Pelicans’ success and Teddy Bridgewater’s bike commute to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

“I think it’s cool that Teddy rides his bike,” Harper said. “Parking is terrible after the game. (Riding your bike) takes you a little bit longer, you’re taking a peek of what the atmosphere will be in the stadium.

Harper also had high praise for Marshon Lattimore’s performance.

“He knows how to play ball,” Harper said. “When he focueses in… on the little things, Marshon can be one of the best corners if not the best corners in the NFL.”

Marcus Davenport’s performance could use a little more work, though, Harper said.

“He’s getting better, he’s getting smarter,” Harper said. “We just want him to convert those pressures into sacks. That’s going to be the next continued growth in his career.”

The Saints’ offensive strategy allows the same people to continue to be contributors, Harper said.

“Everybody knows that (the same people) are getting the ball every play,” Harper said. “I see Sean continue to get more creative (ways)… to make them playmakers. Alvin Kamara hasn’t really dropped off with the absence of Mark Ingram.”

In Harper’s football experience, he has seen a difference between games on Saturday and Sunday, he said.

“I think (on) Sunday, you have to come at it as a professional,” Harper said. “On Saturday, you can enjoy the festivities around you.”

LSU-Florida is going to pose some interesting match-ups, Harper said.

“LSU is scoring all their points through the air,” Harper said. “How is this defensive line of Florida (going to) try to get after this quarterback?

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