Roman Harper Goes Deep-Dive on LSU-Bama

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Former Saints safety Roman Harper joins Off the Bench to talk football, starting with the trash talk surrounding LSU-Bama.

“You’ve still got to play the game,” Harper said. “The crazy thing is that everyone is talking trash, none of us are taking a snap out there.”

Next, Harper looks ahead to the Saints-Falcons game on Sunday.

“Atlanta can’t get out of their own way,” Harper said. “(The Saints) are the better team… at the end of the day, Atlanta can just go out there and be Atlanta and they should be okay.”

The Carolina Panthers’ QB issues will pose a challenge to the team, Harper said.

“I want to see how this team goes forward,” Harper said. “(Newton is) not coming back. You have to turn the page. I want to see how this team reacts.”

Alabama and LSU’s receiving corps stack up nicely, Harper said.

“I think LSU’s… look physically more demanding,” Harper said, “(but) you can’t deny the output of the Alabama receivers. You’re not used to seeing this from an LSU offense. That #1, he makes outstanding catches.”

The talent on the Crimson Tide’s roster may be all-time quality, Harper said.

“The University of Alabama probably has the best combination of five deep wide receivers on campus at the same time,” Harper said. “All these guys are going to be playing on Sundays.”

In terms of the uncertainty surrounding Tua Tagovailoa and his injury, Harper said that he trusts what Coach Saban will do to get the Tide ready.

“I’m not there on a day-to-day basis,” Harper said. “I trust Nick Saban more than anything else. They’re going to frustrate Joe Burrow. They’re going to have to win by forcing a turnover here and there.”

Harper said that he thinks the Tide will win, and he likes Alabama’s defense in the match-up.

“I actually like them better… than last year’s defense,” Harper said. “They are big. They are physical.”

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