Ross Dellenger Talks College Football, LSU-Florida

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Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger joins Off the Bench to talk football, starting with Les Miles’ firing of Kansas’ offensive coordinator.

“This was, in a way, surprising,” Dellenger said, “because Les has never done this mid-season thing. It must be pretty bad for him to do something like that.”

When asked to choose between the LSU-Florida game and the Oklahoma-Texas game, Dellenger said both had something to offer.

“I’m looking forward to the LSU-Florida game,” Dellenger said. “The Oklahoma-Texas game is probably going to be more exciting, in terms of offensive football. Both are huge games and probably the loser is going to be out of the playoff chase.”

In last Saturday’s Florida vs. Auburn match-up, Dellenger saw one group in particular that stood out.

“(Florida has) got some animals up there in that front seven,” Dellenger said. “(LSU hasn’t) played a top 30 or top 40 defense, so this is going to be their best defense (they have seen) by far.”

LSU’s offensive line concerns will need to be addressed this weekend, Dellenger said.

“They’ve had some injuries,” Dellenger said, “so it seems like it’s been a revolving door at some positions. Can they move them around, and can they also pass block?”

Through six weeks, Dellenger saw a team from the Big Ten as the most impressive.

“(Ohio State) is right up there from an all-around perspective,” Dellenger said. “LSU’s not far behind.”

Dellenger also broke down what seems to be a regression on the defensive side of the ball for the Tigers.

“It’s not like LSU’s defensive coaches and players changed overnight,” Dellenger said. “This is a product, partly, of the offense.”

Finally, Dellenger addressed the hype around Derek Stingley.

“It’s tough to say that a defensive guy is the best player in the nation,” Dellenger said. “The fact that (Stingley’s hype is) coming to fruition in his first year is incredible.”

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