Ross Dellenger talks NIL battle between NCAA and Congress

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Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger joins Matt to kick off hour two of After Further Review, to talk his latest piece at SI. The story deals with the name image and likeness battle going on between the NCAA, Congress and student athletes. Dellenger catches us up on the latest.

The NCAA is proposing a change to the transfer rule now in conjunction with the law. Any player would be granted a one time transfer without penalty.

“I think everybody knows by now that coaches are against this. ADs are more for it,” Dellenger said. “However they still have some issues with it, that still need to be decided. There’s a lot of unanswered questions around this.”

Is there any timeline for the transfer rule to be enacted?

“No one seems to have an exact answer to this,” Dellenger said. “Conferences will be talking this over at their spring meetings. They have fast tracked this saying it’s a criteria change, and not a rule change.”

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