Russ Mitchell talks SEC Football – Week 13

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Lead SEC writer for, Russ Mitchell joins Matt in his weekly segment to talk week 13 in the SEC. First though, we look back at week 12. What are Mitchell’s takeaways from Georgia vs. Auburn?

“It’s clear that Georgia is not going to let Fromm throw the ball,” Mitchell said. “They are going to play it conservative. That’s fine, right now they can win conservative.”

What is Mitchell’s take on the season ending injury to Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa?

“Let’s just hope to God that his hip is getting blood to it,” Mitchell said.

Can Alabama continue to go at the same clip offensively with Mac Jones at quarterback?

“No, because he’s not Tua. That kid Tua is amazing. Transcendent,” Mitchell said. “You don’t take him out and expect some kid with no experience to do that.”

Texas A&M beat South Carolina 30-6 last week, and have won their last four games. Are the Aggies improving?

“The Aggies haven’t allowed a team to complete more than 46% of their passes in the last four games. They haven’t given up a passing touchdown in three of the last four,” Mitchell said.

Mississippi State hosts Abiliene Christian this weekend, and Russ isn’t having it.

“If it’s November 23rd and you’re playing a team with Christian in the name, you better be in high school or it better be Texas Christian University,” Mitchell said. “If you’re playing a team with Christian in their name late in the season, you have a problem.”

Arkansas travels to Death Valley to take on LSU. Mitchell thinks the Tigers will cruise on offense, but calls out the defense.

“The Hogs’ defense is in for a very very long day,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell also calls on the LSU defense to “have a spine,” and stop somebody from running. This comes after LSU gave up 400 yards rushing to Ole Miss.

“I’m glad this happened because if you think you are national championship team you better wake up,” Mitchell said. “National Championship teams don’t let that happen.”

Texas A&M takes their 4-game win streak on the road to Sanford Stadium to face Georgia.

“It’s not going to be easy against this Aggie team. You’re not going to be able to grind out drives against this Aggie defense,” Mitchell said. “Georgia’s run defense in their last three games they’ve allowed a total of only 155 rushing yards.”

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