Ryan Clark previews the LSU-Florida matchup

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Former Tiger and NFL safety, Ryan Clark of ESPN joins Matt in his weekly spot to talk LSU Football. The Tigers are gearing up for their top 10 matchup with the Florida Gators. The matchup is everyone is watching is LSU’s offense vs. Florida’s defense.

“This might be the first game we play where we face a secondary that is maybe better than ours,” Clark said.

A narrative in this game is ‘Florida’s defense is good but they haven’t seen an offense like LSU,’ or ‘LSU’s offense is good but they haven’t seen a defense like Florida.’ Clark isn’ t having any of this talk.

“I don’t think there are any buts in college football anymore,” Clark said. “I don’t think defense as a whole is what it used to be. Not playing a great defense doesn’t necessarily mean we aren’t good on offense.”

On Monday LSU defensive back, Cordale Flott was out with an injury. Last night Coach Orgeron announced that he made a ‘miraculous’ recovery and could play. Clark breaks down the significance of this.

“It depends on who’s injured and who’s healthy. If Stingley is healthly, Fulton is healthy and Vincent is healthy then it’s fine,” Clark said. “If one of those guys gets hurt, then he (Flott) is the next man up. I think if you have your guys you are fine.”

Florida quarterback, Kyle Trask has been the starter since the injury to Feleipe Franks. Clark breaksdown what he’s seen from the Gators’ signal caller so far.

“He plays with a level of confidence that he knows he’s good enough to get the job done,” Clark said. “I don’t think he’s special. I think he’s good enough to win if Perine goes for 88. He’s probably Joe Burrow last year to me. He has the competance and moxy to win if the team does well.”

Florida’s pass rush is getting most of the hype this week, but what about LSU’s? Can the Tigers consistently pressure Trask?

“K’Lavon has to play well. He has to win,” Clark said. “Lawrence is playing this week. Those are the two guys we have who can just whip people. They have to play well.”

If there is a blueprint for LSU to win, what is it?

“You have to do what you do. You can’t abandon the run,” Clark said. “Defensively  you can’t give up big plays. Offensively this team (Florida) is not good enough to beat you.”

Clark takes the Tigers to beat the Gators on Saturday night.

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