Scott Linehan joins the Tigers as the new passing game coordinator

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Former NFL coach Scott Linehan joins Jordy and T-Bob as was named the new  passing game coordinator for the LSU Tigers.

After 30 years of coaching with NFl and college level Scott Linehan is very experienced, what is the vibe like in the offensive room in terms of collaboration?

“We are going to keep this system the same, we are gonna add some things that can benefit us.” Says Linehan. “We are up to the challenge and I know the players are.”

Scott Linehan says LSU is a lot like a NFL roster, he talks about what hes looking forward to with the position.

“Its not just about recruiting great talent, being able to develop great talent is the most exciting part about this.”

Whats it been like working with Myles Brennan so far?

“Myles is very impressive, hes really got some good experience.” Says Linehan. “You can see hes ready to take the reigns, I’m really impressed with how he throws it.”

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