Scott Roussell talks LSU coaching carousel

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Scott Roussell of joins Matt to talk the latest with the LSU coaching carousel. LSU is in the market for a new defensive coordinator and passing game coordinator. Former LSU DC Bo Pelini is being reported as a serious candidate to return. Roussell takes us through how Pelini’s candidacy came about.

“That started when Dave Aranda was talking to UNLV, and there was some ‘maybe I’ll consider that’ from Bo,” Roussell said. “Coach O is all about getting the right fit. Bo is a great defensive coordinator, but I don’t know if he is the right fit right now.”

Is there any other names trending with the LSU DC job?

“Well Chris Richard for sure. Other than that not really,” Roussell said. “I know O has earned everybody’s trust, so I don’t think O needs to rush this.”

Who would be the most likely internal hire?

“Well Billy Busch is an outstanding football coach,” Roussell said. “I think Busch is one that would excite a lot of people if O would give him that opportunity.”

On the offensive side of the ball LSU is looking to replace Joe Brady as the passing game coordinator. Who does?

“Yeah I wish I knew the answer to that,” Roussell said. “I suspect that it comes out pretty soon. Within the next two days.”

LSU analyst Jorge Munoz has been the name trending as the obvious choice. Is there any chance Munoz goes to Baylor with Dave Aranda?

“My feeling is he would be outstanding if he did,” Roussell said. “My gut tells me he stays at LSU.”

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