Scott Shanle recaps the Saints’ 48-46 loss to the 49ers

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Former Saints linebacker, Scott Shanle now covers the team for CST. Shanle joins Matt in hour three to talk the Saints loss to the 49ers. How surprised was Shanle at the way the game played out?

“I was fairly surprised. On our pregame show on CST I referenced Sean Payton and Kyle Shanahan being two of the best play callers in the NFL,” Shanle said. “So when it’s all said and done I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.”

The officials seem to always be a talking point after a Saints game win or lose. What does Shanle see in the officiating today in the NFL?

“Well it’s frustrating. It’s extremely frustrating,” Shanle said. “It seems like every time we step in the Superdome we learn about rules we never knew existed.”

Why did the Saints’ defense struggle so mightly yesterday?

“I really think yesterday was a misnomer. This Saints defense is much more skilled than that,” Shanle said. “Kyle Shanahan had this defense on it’s heels.”

How will the Saints prepare for the Colts with an extra day off this week?

“There’s no doubt in my mind that they look at the film hard,” Shanle said. “I’m sure the normal player day off didn’t happen.”

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