Scott Shanle remembers the ‘Domecoming.’

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Former New Orleans Saints linebacker Scott Shanle joins Matt to remember the ‘Domecoming.’ Shanle was a first year Saint for that game. What does he remember about Steve Gleason’s blocked punt?

“We had just come off the field. Fujita made a great play on Vick,” Shanle said. “I didn’t see it. We went to the bench to talk with the coaches. I just remember hearing a loud thud, and then that was the loudest I’ve ever heard a stadium. The emotion that came out of the fans was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.”

Shanle talks the mindset going into the game. Did they actually feel unbeatable that night?

Shanle takes us back to the famous walk through and team meeting in the dome before the game.

“I don’t remember the team meeting as much as I remember the walk through in the Superdome, where they showed us the video of Katrina,” Shanle said. “Coach Payton preached the magnitude of this game.”

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