Sean Salisbury talks Drew Brees, Joe Burrow

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Sean Salisbury of Sports Talk 790 in Houston joins Matt to kick off hour three of After Further Review.Salisbury knows quarterback play, and there is plenty of quarterback news in Louisana today. What did Salisbury make of the news of Drew Brees coming back for another season with the Saints?

“Wasn’t surprised, and was just so grateful,” Salisbury said. “When you think about it. Numbers, durability, longevity, what he’s done for a city. A guy who was not blessed with the 6’3″ frame, he’s a Mount Rushmore quarterback. I think it’s good for the NFL, and it makes the Saints a threat to win the Super Bowl.”

Many people believe that Brees can’t stretch the field anymore. What makes the Saints a legit threat to win the Super Bowl?

“I still think they are a legit threat because Sean is such a great play caller and they have so much talent,” Salisbury said. “His accuracy is so good he can make up for it (lack of arm strength).”

Salisbury weighs in on the Joe Burrow to the Bengals debate.

“I don’t blame him for going through his process,” Salisbury said.

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