Seth Thibodeaux previews his team’s matchup with LSU

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Nicholls State head baseball coach Seth Thibodeaux joins Matt in segment two as his Colonels prepare to host No. 11 LSU tonight at 6 pm. What did Thibodeaux learn about his team in their first three games of the season?

“That we didn’t finish the job. We showed signs of really being able to field it. We showed signs of really being able to pitch it,” Coach Thibodeaux said. “The consistency was lacking. We lacked grit in order to finish the games off.”

Does it help facing a guy like Eric Walker, who has a lot of experience, and the book is sort of out on him?

“It absolutely does. We can type it in and pull up a lot of video on him,” Coach Thibodeaux said. “He’s a good arm. We look forward to the challenge.”

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