Shelby Mast talks bracketology during Champ Week

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Shelby Mast of USA Today joins Matt on AFR to talk the latest with bracketology within the SEC. Mast has LSU on the 8 line. Why?

“Just comparing the with all the other teams,” Mast said. “They don’t have and great wins that would drop them down, and no bad losses that would bump them up. I think 8 is the right spot to have them.”

What would the Tigers have to do in Nashville at the SEC Tournament to move up a line?

“To move up a line I think they will need help from other teams around their seed line,” Mast said. “Have one of them lose. Beating Auburn would help as well.”

Which SEC team is best suited to jump off the bubble and make the field?

“I’m thinking Arkansas. They had the injury issues with Isaiah Joe, and lost five straight,” Mast said. “They have looked totally different since he’s been back.”

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