Smacker Miles talks covering the XFL

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Smacker Miles joins Matt in hour two to talk about the latest in her life, and the XFL. The last time we spoke with Miles she was doing some work covering Kansas Football. Miles catches us up on her latest venture.

“I got a job in Dallas with D210 Sports, which is kind of like local news, but I don’t work at the station,” Miles said. “I just get to go cover all the games. It’s been a lot of fun.”

Miles was in attendance at the Dallas Renegades first XFL game on Sunday. What were her overall thoughts on the debut of the league?

“I wasn’t expecting it to be that good at all. People were tailgating, had the team apparrel on, it was really good,” Miles said. “I was impressed.”

Did Miles feel the game resembled more of the NFL or the college game?

“It didn’t really compare to any, and with two forward passes they are going to be looking for receivers who can throw the ball,” Miles said. “It did go faster time wise, but it felt like football to me. I think it’s different than both, but I think that’s kind of the point.”

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