Stefan Lefors talks his former coach Scott Linehan.

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Parkview Baptist head coach Stefan Lefors joins Matt in hour three. Lefors played quarterback at Louisville for Scott Linehan. What was Lefors reaction to his former college OC being hired at LSU as the passing game coordinator?

“Wow. One of my coaches at Parkview sent me a text, and I was like ‘come on man you’re joking,'” Lefors said. “Once it was confirmed I got excited. Coach Linehan is really the one who brought me to Louisville. He saw my highlight tape and went to bat for me.”

What was it like to play for Linehan?

“He’s a great guy. He’s never too high or too low,” Lefors said. “Very even keel. He will tell you what’s on his mind.”

How is Linehan as a position coach?

“For me, I got a taste of him working with the quarterbacks. Very knowledgable.” Lefors said. “He played the position. I learned a lot from him, footwork, mindset all of that stuff.”

Will Linehan be able to adjust to the more modern offense, and what will his relationship be with Steve Ensminger?

“I think he’ll be fine. I don’t think he’s going to be expected to come in and just do it all,” Lefors said. “Obviously working in the pro game there will be somethings that they did that he liked. I think they will work fine together.”

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