Steve Bartkowski on telling Joe Burrow “he has leverage” in the NFL draft

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Former first round pick in the NFL Stever Bartkowski joined Jordy and T-Bob to talk about the advice he gave to Joe Burrow about not going to Cincinatti.

“It’s not like I discovered a cure for cancer, it’s happened before,” Bartkowski said. “I wasn’t mining for gold, I just told Joe what I thought and told his mom and dad what I thought.”

What was it like being a number one pick and being part of a franchise that wasn’t that great in the Atlanta Falcons?

“It’s hard to overcome poor management in any walk of life,” Bartkowski said. “When an organization doesn’t seem to have their act together that trickles down.”

After meeting Joe Burrow, what does Bartkowski think about the signal caller?

“I was incredibly impressed by his performance on the field through the 15 game schedule that LSU played,” Bartkowski said. “I’m even more impressed with him in person…he’s seems very dialed in.”

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