Steve Ensminger on the perfect season and preparing his offense for 2020

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Steve Ensminger, also known as the offensive coordinator and quarterback coach for the LSU tigers joins Jordy and Jacob to discuss his former quarterback Joe Burrow going into the NFL draft  and his current quarterback Myles Brennan.

After a perfect season, what are his thoughts on the 2020 team?

“I like our enthusiasm, I like where we are at.” Says Ensminger. “I think we are a very talented team but our guys still need the reps to replace the last offense.”

With Miles Brennan as the current quarterback, what is Ensmingers thoughts on the offense this season?

“I think it was the best thing to happen to Miles. He’s more focused and understands what it takes to be a great quarterback and I think Joe taught him that.” Says Ensminger.

“I’m excited to see him run this offense.”



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