Steve Haney on HBO’s ‘The Scheme’

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Attorney Steve Haney of HBO’s ‘The Scheme’ joined Jordy and T-Bob to discuss the premiere of the documentary.

HBO got their hands on the audio when many other sources were unable; however, it seemed like Yahoo Sports had the most information of all the media.

“That wasn’t the first issue we had with that…it was a constant challenge fighting the leaks that were coming out,” Haney said. “Yahoo had someone feeding them some very dangerous material.”

What was the purpose of specifically going after Christian Dawkins and not someone at a higher level?

“For me their tactic was clear…they wanted to get a lower level guy like a (Christian) Dawkins like a Book Richardson and flip ’em,” Haney said. “When that didn’t happen…when Christian would not roll over they were very upset.”

Many walked away from the documentary thinking that it seemed as if the FBI was entrapping Dawkins. Did that every come up in the trial?

“It was beyond bizarre…we did everything we could to get entrapment in front of the jury for that reason,” Haney said. “It was the most obvious case of entrapment I’ve ever seen.”

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