Stromile Swift recaps LSU’s 79-76 loss to Kentucky

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Former LSU and NBA forward Stromile Swift joins Matt in his weekly spot to recap LSU’s loss to Kentucky. On a scale of 1 to 10 where is Swift’s level of worry regarding this LSU team?

“I’m at about a seven right now. We were on pace to looking like we were going to make some noise in the tournament,” Swift said. “These last 4 out of 5 games have been discouraging. I understand the frustration on the part of Coach Will Wade right now.”

LSU’s greatest struggles are on defense. Why do the Tigers’ struggle so mightly on D?

“It’s really odd because we play well in the zone. The energy and effort is there,” Swift said. “When we get into man-to-man these guards just blow right by us. We don’t have a true rim protecter. We lack the length and athleticism down low to really protect the rim.”

Three of LSU’s final five are on the road. How does LSU turn things around down the stretch specifically on the road?

“We have to do a better job at communicating on defense. Whether it’s in man-to-man or in a zone,” Swift said. “The coaches can yell and scream all day long, but it’s up to the players to communicate on the floor.”

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