Subtweet Shawn explains the Get the Gat Challenge

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Subtweet Shawn, the pioneer of the Get the Gat Challenge joins Matt to kick off hour two to explain the challenge, his relationship with the LSU Football team and other content he creates. How did the challenge originate with the football team?

“I actually did a video with two other guys at the stadium. A couple of the guys who I’m cool with on the team saw it and said I should’ve hit them up so they could be in a video,” Subtweet Shawn said. “I got with Grant Delpit and we did the video in the locker room.”

Subtweet Shawn takes us through his back story, and some of the work he’s known for on the internet. Creating content on the internet is something that Shawn has been doing since his high school days.

“My junior year in high school I started making content,” Subtweet Shawn said. “Just random videos that would pop into my head. People would come up to me the next day and say ‘man I saw that video you posted. That was crazy.'”

Subtweet Shawn is the guy who has been editing all these videos together. Shawn takes us through the process of how the videos get made.

“They film it in the locker room dancing to music,” Subtweet Shawn said. “I get them to send the clips, and I mash it all together with the music.”

Has Subtweet Shawn had any contact with Lil ELT, the song’s artist?

“Yeah we talk almost everyday. He is just taking it in,” Subtweet Shawn said. “It’s his song so I know he is feeling like a hundred times what I’m feeling.”

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