The Fantasy Blitz w/Darin Tietgen

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To close out hour one, Darin Tietgen of joins Matt to help set your fantasy football lineup. The guys start with Thursday’s game. What is Tietgen keeping an eye on?

“If you’re a Dalvin Cook owner you will watch him run for 100 yards,” Tietgen said.

What’s the quarterback situation look like for this week?

“Fortunately there has been some turnover at quarterback,” Tietgen said. “Someone like Ryan Tannehill might be on your waiver wire.”

Drew Brees looks to return this week. What should be the play there?

“The matchup is favorable for the Saints to escape without much passing,” Tietgen said. “I would hold and wait until the next game.”

Who 2 start? Carsen Wentz or Kyler Murray?

“Not likely Wentz much this week,” Tietgen said. “Murray should be in a shootout with the Saints. I’d go with Kyler Murray.”

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